Happy To Sign

Capture legally binding electronic signatures for sturdier official bonds in contracts and agreements

The Project

HappyToSign is an e-signature solution allows clients to upload/create documents and capture legally binding e-signatures. A full fledged web app which allows users to upload documents in several formats, prepare the document by adding fields, send the document to stakeholders and track it’s status.

Website And Documentation

HappyToSign is a feature rich application, hence it was essential to present it’s wide array of features in a way it can be easily understood by prospective customers through the website.

Document Preparation

Preparing a document for signing is one of the key functions of HappyToSign. We had to provide a frictionless way for users to prepare the document for signature. UX played a great role in making this tedious process simple for users.

Signing Documents

Procuring legally binding e-signatures on documents is the objective of this web app. It made this process easy, transparent and secure. The stakeholders could easily review the documents that required to be signed and securely sign or raise objections.

Tracking Status

Tracking is an essential feature for the creator of the document to know if the stakeholders have received the document, signed or raised objections and immediately take action. The app made it easy to keep track of the status of the document at every stage.


Enterprise clients finds whitelabelling the app to match their brand, as a valuable feature. We built a whitelablelling feature for enterprise clients where they can customize logo, color, font and also even custom domain for the app.

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