Automated Lead Collection And Drip Email Marketing Platform

The Project

PitchMatic is an email automation platform having powerful features like drip campaign, automated lead collection, webhooks and more. The challenge was to build an intuitive web app for users to create and manage their campaigns, and an array of micro services for scraping leads, segmenting them, sending emails, tracking statuses and more.

Landing Page

There are hundreds of email marketing platforms in the market. We had to make PitchMatic standout and demonstrate it’s unique features using the landing page, which forms the first impression of the product

No Code Drip Campaign Builder

Creating an email marketing campaign should be easy as a walk in the park. Drag and Drop flow builder makes it easy and intuitive for designing and visualising the sales funnel.

Lead Collection

Automated Lead collection from across the internet is an integral feature of PitchMatic. Microservices for collecting Leads based on keywords and location from various online directories was a challenging feature to build.


Segmentation of leads based on conditions and lead score was an important feature for this product as it add more value to the collected lead.

Email Designer

A full fledged wysiwyg email designer is essential for users to design their email template right within the application. We built a feature rich drag and drop email editor for Pitchmatic..

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