On demand Trash Pickup service.

The Project

TrashLyft is a product that we developed to help on-demand trash pickup services. We designed and developed mobile apps that connect customers to nearby trash pickup agents and an Admin Dashboard which would allow the owners of the app to oversee and manage services, orders, and users.

Customer App

We wanted to make the process of trash disposal as easy as hiring an Uber or ordering food online. The mobile app built in both Android and iOS provides an intuitive UI and makes the process frictionless to the customers who would like to get their Trash picked up.

Trash Pickup Agents

Managing agents, distributing trash pickup requests evenly to them, and on time execution of these pickup requests were critical to the success of TrashLyft.

The mobile app we built facilitated agents to easily engage on pickup requests, optimize their pickup routes, guide them to the closest trash disposal sites, show statistics of their daily commute and earnings and more.

Administrative Dasbhoard

It was important to monitor customer orders, agents and manage services with ease. The Web app we developed made it easy for the management team to monitor orders in real time, view active agents, manage services, disposal sites and tweak other critical settings and information with just a few clicks.

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